The Truth About Vaccines

Here's an article from the NY Times in regard to vaccination. Worth the read!

This Is the Truth About Vaccines


Mrs. Bobart and Fox did an excellent job teaching poetry to their students. Here are some poems written by their students:


Some wishes come true. Some dońt. Some things you can control. Some things you can't. Some things make you feel like you´re in an endless field. Others make you feel like youŕe in an deep dark cave. Some things are unfinished. So, remember, Next time you wish, Remember, It's just a wish. But, Still,

I saw it before it came Me the neighbors swish   I knew it would come And so would we Gliding down the hill

5th Grade Thanks

I am remiss in not reporting a practice that touched my heart this year. Our own Ms. Madkins has students share things they're thankful for with folks here at Jones. Here's a list of sweet notes I received from fifth graders:

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and teach me! I really appreciate that!
Thanks Mr. Pruett for being so cool.
Thank you for letting me do Safety Patrol.
Thank you for organizing Safety Patrol and teaching AIG!
Thank you for letting us learn, but also letting us have fun!
Thank you for being an amazing AIG teacher and working on math with me.
Go AIG! Thanks for teaching me soooo much!
You are amazing, and I look forward to every Wednesday!
Thank you so much for all you have done. You always make reading so much fun!
Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! I will miss you over Thanksgiving break! I treasure what I have learned from you!

Wow, it is I who am truly thankful! Warmest of winters to you all!

Noetic Top 50%

It is my honor ad pleasure to work with such awesome people, including these  top 50% finishers for the Noetic Math Contest. Not pictured, our beloved principal, Sarah Cain, whose generosity and appreciation for mathematics and gifted learners led us to today's celebration. And Rachel Herrick, whose presence always makes any situation better! Thanks to the families of these students. We appreciate you sharing your children with  Ira B. Jones Elementary School!

Bear Story from 5th Grade

Our fifth grade students have started working with Vocabulary Workshop - a great resource for new, exciting words.

Working with the Antinori/Dunkel block, I'll be making extra writing assignments for AIG reading students.

Our first story was about bears - appropriate with all the local sightings.
I asked students to write their own bear story, here's a good one!

So one nice sunny Saturday, me and my mom had just had a little scuffle about who knows what. I was still annoyed so I blundered into the backseat of the solitary van since my dad,a veteran artist had already left for work. Soon after I got into the car my mom came and got into the front seat. We decided to cancel some of our plans to do something fun so we started throwing out lots of ideas and rejecting lots of ideas.
All of a sudden my mom realized she had forgotten her keys. She head back inside but forgot to close the driver’s seat door. So I thought it doesn’t mat…

Meet the Teacher 2018

A glorious Meet the Teacher Day at Ira B. Jones Elementary! Great weather, families, and  Ms. Cain and Dr. Patterson working the crowd!   Get a Kona Ice?  Thanks to those who could come out, and everyone else - we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!